How to Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Revenue?

2023 has welcomed some changes that have revived the Marketing of businesses as a whole. One of the top ranked marketing strategies is that of being associated and making use of influencer marketing to upscale your brand. Here, we enlist some of the workable techniques which will let marketers make strategic use of small influencers.

Small Influencers Make Big Impact

As consumers nowadays look for more relevant and authentic content from other people, marketers may focus collaborations with small influencers. These content creators with 1,000 – 100,000 followers often have very deeply engaged audiences. Small influencers have a greater ability to connect with their community, which can give them significant them the ultimate influencing power. Consumers in general are likely to trust them for their product reviews and service recommendations. When brands activate them at scale micro-influencers can be a great way to target niche audiences, drive awareness and boost revenue/ sales.

Use Video Content

With social media platforms prioritizing new uprising features such as live streaming, videos could become one of the most dominant content types which can be clubbed with influencer feeds. Video content should be fun, engaging and interactive. It should deliver information in an interesting way so that it holds the viewer’s attention. With increase in video viewer and user base, marketers should grab on the opportunity to reach younger audiences in particular with small videos. In addition to this, they may give a thought to professionally produced brand videos and user-generated video content.

Focus on Quality Indicators Rather than Vanity Metrics

Quality indicators such as engagement, click-through rate and conversions are more significant than vanity metrics (No. of likes and followers) while judging brand growth. Marketers who focus on the number of fans and followers as key success criteria for influencers, these factors wouldn’t necessarily reap business results. In 2023, content quality and influencers’ alignment with brand values will take the front seat. Nowadays, brands likely seek influencers who have a strong and engaged community, have knowledge of their business and create impactful content for solely their brand. Additionally, make use of ROI and brand impact for measuring influencer campaign performance and brand’s overall success.

User Generated Content Boosts Business Momentum

User-generated content shall continue gain momentum this year. This is because brands prioritize such content to create social identity and boost conversions. This type of content will always generate positive results if it is relatable and trustworthy. User generated content includes ratings and reviews, short self-created videos and YouTube tutorials. Additionally, brands can amalgamate user generated content as a part of their social media strategy.

Turn Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors

Collaboration could gain much more momentum in 2023 than it holds now. Brands should look for partners with leaders who can also provide valuable opinions. Long term collaborations with influencer can help brands create credible content and leave on consumers a higher brand impact. As creators continue to use their partner’s product, they gain a better understanding of the business and the brand. As they also talk about their collaboration, they will also gain insights from their inbuilt communities. Hence, it is a wise decision to convert influencers into real brand ambassadors and help companies with relevant insights for product development or communications collaterals’.

In a nutshell:

The emerging trend this year is leveraging influencers as brand storytellers by giving them full creative control as to how they wish to talk about the brand. As these creators have a good understanding about social platforms and followers, influencers shall have a good marketing share in the company. Some companies have started to employ influencers as part of their marketing leadership team to boost sales exponentially.

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