How to do Digital Branding for Startups?

These Days, startup culture is emerging. A small set up and a big vision initiates a startup which can go a long long way. Some of these small ventures are meant to do Digital Branding for their clients. Such ventures are commonly called the ‘Digital Marketing Agency.’ If you too are a startup or a thinking to build one, take a look at some of the strategies you can use to market your brand just sitting at your office seat.  

Set Up Social Media Accounts

With eyes hooked onto Social Media, it becomes indispensable that your brand is at least present on Social Media. So, set up an official Social Media Account and start posting stuff that builds connect with the target audience. Not just this, boost your Social Media post so that it can gain genuine followers for your account. Engage audience in daily post, festive post, daily contests, giveaways and many other promotional techniques you can do as a brand owner.

Generate & Circulate Value Content

New brands and startups should make it a practice to generate value content in the form of blogs, articles, media & press releases, social copies, ad copies and SEO friendly content. This content shall bring genuine traffic to website and ads that are being run as only audience that relates to the content will engage with it. Value content must also be clear and concise. It should look to the customer or client as a problem solving proposition.

Strategically use E-mail and WhatsApp Marketing

Circulating offers through E-mail and WhatsApp is the latest branding and marketing tools that accelerates sales and leads to much extent. E-mail marketing tools such as mail chimp and WhatsApp business API allows big and small business setups to reach masses and communicate daily offers to prospective and current clients. This technique does not cost much but generate much more engagements than the Google Ads and Social Media Ads. WhatsApp Marketing, out of all kinds of marketing techniques, is gaining more engagement and trust from business owners and customers too.

Create a Website and Market your Offer

Create a credible and fully functional website on the platform conforming to your business. If you are selling a product, Shopify will be the ideal selling platform. For an introductory purpose, a normal WordPress Website would serve the purpose. The website should have all the information about your business and use inviting tone for customer to try on the product or service.

Make use of Digital Ads

Digital Ads in the form of Social Media Ads and Google Ads(PPC) are the direct paid marketing digital tools which allow you to manually select the audience you wish to target. As a startup, it is a very genuine and a ‘result-oriented’ digital branding tool. Startups can either hire a Digital Marketing Expert or outsource their Digital Branding activity to a Digital Marketing Agency.

In a nutshell:

There are a lot many branding techniques but the digital world has shrunk the universe into a very small unit. If strategized correctly, Digital Marketing can do wonders in terms of business results. Make a good use of Digital marketing techniques for your business and before you do that, decide a budget for the same. Pre-budgeting a Digital campaign is a must so that you do not override cost that the benefits accrued.

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